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Community Engagement

Caltech is proud to be part of the Pasadena and greater Los Angeles communities. Founded in 1891, the Institute has helped keep Southern California at the forefront of innovation—from fueling the growth of the aerospace industry to creating and testing next-generation drones and autonomous vehicles.

Caltech scientists and engineers pursue research that improves lives across the region and around the world. It was a Caltech chemist who first linked smog to automobile exhaust and Caltech seismologists who developed the Richter scale, and later, the moment magnitude scale, for measuring earthquakes.

The Institute is Pasadena’s largest employer, and many of our students, faculty, and staff regularly volunteer their time to tutoring and other outreach initiatives.

We invite you to explore the ways in which Caltech works alongside our neighbors to improve science education, inspire scientific curiosity, and create a vibrant Southern California community.